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Date 20 Sep, 2019 02 Nov, 2019
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Already looking forward to the ninth edition of the Rugby World Cup – RWC 2019 Japan? So are we! That’s why we’re already collecting registrations of interest for travel packages and tours to what will be the first Rugby World Cup that has not not been staged in one of the ‘Big 4’ (Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand) Rugby nations. As such, Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan is likely to be a completely different Tournament and experience to any other Rugby World Cup that has been staged before. Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan promises to be a case of, ‘go for the culture, stay for the Rugby!’.

Sportsnet Holidays were appointed as one of only four Official Travel Agents of Rugby World Cup 2015 in Australiaand following the incredible response we received for RWC 2015, we’re planning to do it all again in 2019 and send Rugby lovers in their thousands on the trip of a lifetime to the land of the rising sun! Our range of packages and tours to the 2015 edition of Rugby World Cup were the most comprehensive, flexible and value-packed on the market. From single match packages that included just a ticket and 2 nights accommodation; to our 45 night All Tournament Tour that included tickets to 17 matches and countless experiences away from the pitch; and everything in between – there really was a package for every budget and length of stay!

To register your interest in a travel package or tour to Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan, please take a moment to enter your details below so that we may keep you updated on the progress of our bid to become an Official Travel Agent of Rugby World Cup 2019, and you’ll be among the first contacted when our range of Rugby World Cup 2019 packages and tours are confirmed!


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14 responses to “Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan / RWC 2019 – Travel Packages & Tours”

  1. Rae says:

    Hi there
    Can you please add me to the list for RWC Japan packages when released, thank you.


    • Will says:

      Hi Rae,

      Thanks for your enquiry! Consider it done :)

      Thanks and hopefully you’ll be able to join us in Japan for RWC 2019!
      Will from the team at Sportsnet Holidays.

  2. Ketu Rameka says:

    I am interested in going to the RWC 2019

    • Will says:

      Hi Ketu,

      Thanks for your expression of interest in one of our packages to Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan. Our packages most likely won’t be coming out until late 2017 or early 2018, however I’ve added you to our RWC2019 mailing list, so we’ll be keeping you updated with the progress of our tours and packages to the next Rugby World Cup.

      Thanks again for your interest and hopefully we’ll be able to assist in getting you to Japan in 2019!
      Will from the Sportsnet Holiodays team.

  3. Vicki McDonald says:

    Is it possible to pay the $50 deposit later. Not in a position to pay right now. Can you provide a link for me to do that? Thanks Vicki

    • Will says:

      Hi Vicki,

      Thank you for enquiry and Happy New Year! Of course, if you’d like to place your $50 refundable deposit at a later date that’s more convenient for yourself, that’s not a problem at all :) In the meantime, I’ll enter your details into our system so that when you are ready, all you’ll have to do is give us a call on 1300 888 858 (or +61 3 9482 9411 if you’re not in Australia) and tell your travel consultant that you’d like to place a refundable deposit towards Rugby World Cup 2015!

      Thanks and hopefully we can get you to Japan in 2019!
      Will from the team at Sportsnet Holidays.

  4. SineadB says:

    I presume submitting through the online form above puts email on mailing list? Two of us wanting to travel for minimum of probably ten days considering distance. Looking forward to hearing what packages can be offered when they are released.

    Thanks .

    • Will says:

      Hi Sinead,

      Thanks for your enquiry, and re: the form above – sort of! Submitting the Enquiry Form not only puts you on the mailing list for the event (unless of course you select the option of receiving no correspondence from us), it also puts you on our “call list” so that we’ll give you a call to discuss the details of the packages with you when they’re released. In any case, the details of your enquiry have been entered into our system, so we’ll be able to give you the most accurate quote possible when our RWC 2019 packages become available in a year or two :)

      Thanks again,
      Will from the Sportsnet Holidays team

  5. Craig Lindsay-Rae says:

    Please add me plus 1

    • Will says:

      Hi Craig,

      Thanks for your enquiry, I’ve added your email to the Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan mailing list. Look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of our packages.

      Will from the Sportsnet Holidays team

  6. Ian says:

    Please add me to RWC 2019 mailing list – thank you

    • Will says:

      Hi Ian,

      Thanks for your interest in one of our forthcoming packages to Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan. I can confirm that you’re now on the mailing list.

      Will from the Sportsnet Holidays team

  7. Walter Hood says:

    I am interested in traveling to the 2019 World Cup in Japan

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    Official event name: Rugby World Cup 2019

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    2015 Champion: New Zealand

    2015 Runner-up: Australia
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